About the Movie

French Directors x TOKYO x Japanese Actors

– Omnibus Feature film –

Blood, Warewolves, Sex, Time Travel, Shadow Hunters, Giallo, Love and Insanity in Horror Anthology

Four promising French film makers are gathered under the lights of Tokyo nights, with collaboration of blossoming Japanese talents in TOKYO GRAND GUIGNOL.

Behind the dazzling neon lights of the big city Tokyo drifts an anthology of four bizarre and bewitching stories. Are they real or just illusions? The ending slumbers with a ray of love and insanity. A multi-cultural omnibus feature film is born!

Produced by Hiroei Ishihara, TGG is supported by worldwide acclaimed French directors and artists;

-Xavier Gens, acclaimed worldwide for his movie THE DIVIDE, FRONTIER(S) and HITMAN
-Jean Frederic Chaleyat, multi-award winner for his short film ENGRENAGES
-Frederic Grousset, famous for his innovative features AQUARIUM and CLIMAX.

Special make up effects by Tom Savini and David Scherer

Story 1: Yann Moreau (BURIAL OF THE RATS)
Story 2: Francois Gaillard (LAST CARESS)
Story 3: Gilles Landucci (SARAH)
Story 4: Nicolas Alberny (8th WONDERLAND)

Hiroei Ishihara

Production: Dice Entertainment
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese (English subtitles)
Runtime: 115min